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The hostage was manufactured in Paris, no one was injured European Union 

The hostage was manufactured in Paris, no one was injured

The hostage was terminated in Paris on Tuesday, the police made the hostage, no one was injured in the action.

Prior to the announcement about a quarter of an hour ago, on the spot broadcast of the news broadcasts, it was apparent from the movement of the security forces that the commandos were intruding into the building where the hostage had barred two hostages four hours earlier. Shots could not be heard during the short action.
Interior Minister Gérard Collomb wrote on Twitter that “the perpetrator was made and the hostages are no longer in danger”. The Head of the Cabinet welcomed the professionalism and rapid action of police forces and firefighters, and above all the police’s elite.
“Two hostages, one of them thrown with gasoline, escaped,” the Prefect said.
The hostage afternoon at half past four, he arrived at the Petites-Ecuries Street, No. 45, located in the Xth district of Paris, where he was hit by a man before he managed to escape. Then the attacker went into one of the offices on the ground floor of the building where he had two hostages. Some reportedly hit an outgoing pregnant woman as well.
“In the first studies, it is a weak-minded man whose motives are confusing,” police sources said.
The police managed to establish a relationship with the hostage man, claiming that he had an explosive device and wanted to talk to the Iranian ambassador.
According to the BFM news bulletins, the hostage speaks of the 2012 Islamic attacks on Toulouse, the US assassinations of 11 September 2001 and several recent murders in France and a large media coverage of the murders.
No information was provided about the identity of the hostage identity, nor did it confirm whether the weapon was there.
According to BFM News, the hostage is a 27-year-old, Moroccan citizen who has no criminal record, is not in the register of secret services, has no claims of terrorism, and has asked the police negotiator to address Chris.
The hostage took place in a densely populated downtown district of Paris, not far from the locations of the Paris Islamist Assassination Series on 13 November 2015, where there are many bars and shops. The area was completely closed in the afternoon by the police, and the release of the security cord was gradually begun after the police action.

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