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Do you know what kind of shoes there are? Fashion 

Do you know what kind of shoes there are?

Loafer, espadrilles, slip-on. We often encounter these strange names in the fashion world, but what do the foreign terms mean?

The Premier Outlet expert helps you navigate the different types of footwear and gives you some tips on how to wear it.

1. Loafer

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From this flat, corset-free variety, besides the simple pieces, you can find a frilly, tattered, metallic ornamented metal version of the store shelves. It is a transition between casual and formal dress. We wear a farmer and chino trousers without socks.

2. Sneaker

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It’s nothing but a sports shoe. For a few years we have been wearing a street dress for sporty and pretty sets, including jeans, plush skirts, or dotted dresses.

3. Espadrilles

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Chocolate shoes from Catalan culture are an indispensable part of our spring and summer collections. Lightweight, breathable, breathable shoe that is characterized by the diversity of colors, patterns and shapes. Representatives of loose elegance and casual style can boldly wear jeans and chino trousers, but it is also a great choice for loose dresses.

4. Slip-on

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Earlier it was popular with rockers and punk, then skateboarders, but nowadays, almost everybody has access to this footwear in his wardrobe. A slip is a tortoise-like cracking piece, rubbery, with no corset or buckle. Well, we can wear it for jeans and skirts, and for springy dresses too.

5. Ballerina

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If the shoe is flat on the sole, there is no or just a very small corner, it is cracking, both front and back closed, we are talking about a ballerina. There are many decorations on it, such as a greasy or some bigger strass stones. Convenient daytime running, perfect for busy weekdays, or even for a longer walk. We can wear almost anything, the casual and the elegant wardrobe best friend, but most suitable for leggings, narrowers or duvets.

6. Twill

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A twill is a strong woven cotton or wool fabric. At the beginning, pants were mostly made of it, but the boot-foot cotton shoes also became more common. We can also wear this type. For example, metallic skirt pieces look great for the jeans, but also for a sleek skirt with a cool leather jacket.

7. Mule

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Everyday known as slippers. This type was brought to fashion by Marilyn Monroe in the ’50s, and this spring is again a flower age this spring. You can choose either flat or high heels, front and back. Perfectly combines with jeans or a light summer dress or a plush skirt.

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