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Movie made from Olimp Halassy Sports 

Movie made from Olimp Halassy

A film was made by the two-time Olympic champion, with amputated leg and water polo player Olivia Halassy, produced by the three-time, five-ring gold medalist, Gergely Kiss.

“Director Gyula Czinke has been looking for me to be an expert in the film, but then I became a producer and producer of the film very slowly.” If Olives Oliver Halassy was an American, it would certainly have been a Hollywood movie, “said Kiss Gergely .
The works include György Kárpáti, Tamás Faragó, Tibor Benedek, Kemény Dénes and Pál Schmitt, and Tamás Sors two-time Paralympics Swimmer and Ilona Halassy, Olívér Halassy’s daughter – the creators informed MTI.
“This film is not only for the water polo, but for all sports enthusiasts.” Respect for “the big ones” is an example for young people, as Halassy’s life is proof that words and outsiders are not quality, added Gergely Kiss.
“Oliver Halassy,” the puppet Puskás Össije “is an unpopular forgetfulness of the Hungarian sport history, and it is important to know him because his life and struggle can serve as a valuable example for the present generation. to stop the Hungarian water polo, “said Gyula Czinke, director.
The documentary produced by Green Screen and supported by the Media Council, the 55-year-old A Wonder Collection – Vitéz Halassy Olivér, will be screened in cinema and television.

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