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Ericsson: More than the data packets, consumers expect more from the 5G networks Tech 

Ericsson: More than the data packets, consumers expect more from the 5G networks

44 percent of the world’s smartphone users are willing to pay for the 5G services, but in the 5G-based future the payout will no longer be the number of gigabytes consumed – this is revealed by the latest industry analysis of Ericsson 5G networks delivered to MTI.

The research carried out by the Swedish telecommunications company with the 5G Consumer Future showcases a consumer list of tasks, along with the introduction of 5G technology by service providers.
Ericsson describes: in current data packets, consumers consider the speed of broadband data transmission and more equitable mobile contracts more important. Innovative services play an increasingly important role in the selection of service providers and service packages.
According to the research, 5G services are globally interested in 76% of smartphone users; And 44 percent would actually be willing to pay for the 5G. More than 50 percent of those surveyed plan to use 5G-based services within two years of departure. Consumers are also expecting 5G-based services to be the main trend in mobile broadband technology within 3 to 4 years after technology launch.
More than third, the 5G will offer new capabilities, including longer battery life or the connectivity of the IoT devices. Consumers expect the gigabytes account expiration to expire, and instead, they will have to pay individual charges for every 5G service or connected device, Ericsson said.
Users want more comprehensible service packets, as ten smartphone users consider the mobile data service package to be too complex and there is a significant difference between the number of services purchased and actually used by users. Of the ten smartphone users, only three are satisfied with online presentation of service packages. The experience of digital telecommunications today is too complicated and requires too much effort – the research reveals.
Consumers say that, towards the 5G-based future, service providers should avoid marketing slogans without fundamentals. Instead, they should strive for the actual network experience. According to the report, only 4 percent of consumers believe the information provided by service providers in their ads and their own statistics on network performance.
The report is based on the results of an online survey conducted by Ericsson ConsumerLab, covering almost 20 years of global research, and 14,000 15-65 smartphone users. The survey represents 800 million consumers worldwide.

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