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2.5 billion forints development in the wine region of Szekszárd Company mentor 

2.5 billion forints development in the wine region of Szekszárd

Almost two and a half billion forint worth of development is being carried out by the winegrowing of the Szekszárd wine region with the support of the Rural Development Program (VP), and investments contribute to increasing the volume of bottled wines in several places.

With the 50 percent contribution of the VP, over ten wineries in the wine region, predominantly family businesses, can realize technological development, build new warehouses, bottlers and processors in the historic wine region.

Takler Pince Kft. Builds a new rosé plant for about 360 million forints at its current site. András Takler, Managing Director of the $ 707 million revenue in 2016, told MTI: The investment results in a quality improvement in grape processing, but does not increase the volume produced. The 750,000 barrels of wine-making winery will continue to produce roughly 200,000 bottles of rosemary, he added.

Mészáros Winery creates a new ready-to-use warehouse, bottling and processing plant with a total of 184 million forints, and adds 100,000 bottles to its current capacity of about one million bottles, “said Pál Mészáros, owner-manager.

Technological developments were supported by Szálka Lajvér Borház Kft. And the European Wine Producers Ltd. in Bátaapáta, as well as several small family cellars in Szekszárd. Csesty Sebestyén, Managing Director of Sebestyén Kft., Stated that their business creates a new site, which increases the company’s efficiency. The cellar grows into new 120,000 bottles of 120 to 140,000 bottles, regardless of its development, adding to its current capacity of 90,000 bottles, he added.

Bodri Pincészet Ltd. implements a plant and product development project with nearly HUF 400 million support. Istrian Bodri, who leads the winery, has reported that the investment will double the capacity of the winery and the production of wine and grape juice will increase by 3,500 hectoliters. The new product will be grape juice, which, according to market demand, can be produced in larger quantities after development.

Istrian Bodri, president of the Szekszárd mountain village, also said that it is estimated that the volume of wine produced will increase by 10 percent in the next five years. The goal is to have the Szekszárd grapes processed locally and to have the added value added – he added.

According to the data of the National Council of the Hellenic Communities, the size of the vineyards in the Szekszárd vineyard area has been growing steadily since 2011, with 2164 hectares in 2016. In the area, 70-100 thousand hectoliters of wine are produced on average, last year 92 091 hectoliters of broccoli in Szekszárd.

MTI / Photo: BorvidékMánia

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