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Blood princess carved out of Meghan Markle British Royal Family 

Blood princess carved out of Meghan Markle

Serious learning process is waiting for Meghan Markle (36), II. One close man of Queen Elizabeth (92) takes him under his wings.

On May 19, Meghan Markle officially became a member of the royal family when he married Prince Harry (33). Despite the fact that the newlywed wife is accustomed to being an actress, she still has to learn a lot about her new role. As a princess of Sussex – he has got this title officially with his wedding – he has to take much greater responsibility. Samantha Cohen (49), assistant secretary of the Queen’s secretary, has been appointed to teach the new princess what she needs to know.


Samantha Cohen prepares Meghant to her princes to life / Photo: Profmedia-Red Dot


“You will have to observe everything for half a year. You will need a lot of advice, which you have to accept with the utmost humility. But this is not going to be quiet, there is a lot of work for Markle. He has been working steadily so he is already used to the dense agenda, “The Times said in a near source.

The princess will spend the rest of the year with various charity organizations and will take part in nationwide tours for good business. In the meantime, of course, you get some freedom and go with your husband for their honeymoon.

Markle has to give up many things now that he is a member of the royal family. First of all, their social media pages have come to an end, since they will only be able to publish communications via the official channels of the royal family. This is because you can not make any common pictures or autographs. Actress’s past was in the first place in trouble, but eventually she found a loophole, and nowadays, instead of name, she writes small messages to her fans’ papers.

The etiquette rules even outlined the tiny things that make it impossible to sit cross-legged anymore and wear a stocking. In addition, there are more serious restrictions on it now: you can not act and you have to abandon your voting rights.


The Queen gave a real etiquette teacher to Meghan / Photo: AFP



After the engagement, the actress received strict protection for members of the royal family. Although you can feel completely safe, it may sometimes be unpleasant to you. Meghan can not go anywhere now unless he has his personal guardian. However, however, your honeymoon will not be intimate after being kept in the 24 hours of the day.

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