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British Supreme Court: violates human rights in Northern Ireland’s abortion law, but can not be declared illegal United Kingdom 

British Supreme Court: violates human rights in Northern Ireland’s abortion law, but can not be declared illegal

According to the British Supreme Court Thursday, it is incompatible with human rights by Drasko’s strict Northern Ireland abortion law. However, the British Supreme Court, on the grounds of legal grounds, did not say that international law would violate the law, contrary to the intentions of the claimants.

The action was brought by a group of lawyer from several organizations, called the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC), following the fact that two thirds of Irish voters in the last month’s referendum held in the Republic of Ireland suspended pregnancy in practically all cases, He voted to revoke the constitutional amendment 35 years ago.

Since then, numerous calls have been made by British politicians and law enforcement organizations to abolish abortion law in Northern Ireland.
NICHR argued in its Supreme Court that the current law of abortion in Northern Ireland constitutes the inhuman and degrading treatment of physical and mental torture and is contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights.

On Thursday, the Judicial Council agreed with the latter statement, but stated that it would only be able to make a legally binding decision, that is, to enforce the law, if the claim had been filed in person by a person who became pregnant by a sexual offense or whose His doctors found that he was born with a developmental disorder that caused death.

In Northern Ireland, which is not part of Great Britain but it forms the United Kingdom under the jurisdiction of the British Crown, the local law does not allow abortion either as a result of rape or a contagious relationship during pregnancy, nor even if the fetus screening tests reveal that they are coming into the world with serious developmental disorders that make their survival hopeless.

For life-long imprisonment, illegal abortion can be imposed in Northern Ireland.
It is estimated that annually, on average, a thousand women travel from Northern Ireland to Britain for abortion. The British abortion law in 1967 allows abortion until the 24th of pregnancy, but this legislation does not apply to Northern Ireland.

Following the referendum in Ireland, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has made a direct reference to the fact that as soon as Ireland’s lawmaking process is completed, women in Northern Ireland will also be able to terminate their pregnancy in Ireland.

Any modification of the Northern Ireland abortion law will continue to fall under the jurisdiction of the Belfast or the London Parliament following the supreme court’s Thursday. However, the largest political force in the majority Irish Protestant community in Northern Ireland, the Democratic Union Party (DUP), whose external support, dependent on the survival of the British government, by the Conservative Party led by the Conservative Party, is rigidly rejecting the idea of abolishing the Northern Ireland abortion law.

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