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82 politicians have been killed so far in the Mexican election campaign Big World 

82 politicians have been killed so far in the Mexican election campaign

In Mexico, this summer, general elections are held, voting on July 1 will elect a total of 3400 positions. The majority of them are, of course, a small local party, but it is also a new president of the country. The constitution does not allow for re-election, so Enrique Peña Nieto is surely leaving.

In the country, due to the war of drug cartels, public security is poor, some areas are completely criminals under their dominion, and sometimes even roughly violent waves of fluctuations across the country are measured by the Central American standard. Last year nearly 30,000 murders were registered in the country. For this reason, naturally, in the election, almost every candidate is campaigning for the suppression of crime and the restoration of public security – which the cartels do not look good with and they use their own methods to bring it to the attention of politicians.


The bloodbath began at New Year’s Eve when five politicians were killed during the holidays. And where is July.

According to Reuters, victims cover the entire range of parties from right to left and from the most favored political movements to independent candidates. The vast majority of the murdered politicians are not nationally known, but the aspirants of smaller, local elections. Experts say the murder wave is not necessarily targeted, rather a general warning, a threat to the political scene, so that everyone knows exactly what to risk if they want to attack them. It also serves to manipulate the entire election so that candidates in more places who are already in the pockets of the drug barges are as many as possible.

The vast majority of the murders remain unresolved, yet the perpetrators are still unidentified and, on the paper, at least, the motives remain unknown. The government, in principle, protects all candidates, but seconded bodyguards, bulletproof, safety cars and other equipment can not in practice prevent bloodshed.

The Mexican drug war broke when the country attempted to liquidate the biggest syndicates dominating the market with American help at the beginning of the decade.

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