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Micromax smartphone Tech 

Micromax smartphone

In January, Android introduces Android Oreo Go Edition. In early December, with Android 8.1, the Android Oreo (Go Edition) operating system was introduced simultaneously. This is an extremely stripped down version of Android 8.1, with the software Google wants to make smart phones that are cheaper than ever.

FactorDaily (via GSMArena) reports from internal sources suggest that Go Edition devices will be able to enter the market at surprising prices, in which case the price tag below $ 100 will not be unusual. One of the first Go Edition mobile phones will be shown by Indian Micromax in the coming weeks, and the phone that is expected to be launched in January will probably only be 2000 rupees.
We are very curious about how much hardware has been made for the mysterious device for that amount of money, but in this price category, even the “butamobil” is currently the only noname variety to buy.

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