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Scripal case – The Russian foreign affairs spokesman described May’s announcement as a circus show       United Kingdom 

Scripal case – The Russian foreign affairs spokesman described May’s announcement as a circus show     

The Russian foreign affairs spokeswoman on Monday announced the announcement by Theresa May of British Prime Minister that it is “very likely” that Russia is behind Sergei Skripal’s Russian intelligence and daughter’s Anglican poisoning.

“This is a circus show in the British Parliament. The conclusion is clear: this is a new provocation-based information and political campaign,” said Marija Zaharova spokeswoman.
He said that Moscow would call on London to explore the outcome of investigations conducted by Aleksandr Litvinyenko, Aleksandr Perepicsnij, Boris Berezovsky and many others, “who have been mysteriously killed on the British soil.”
According to a statement issued on Monday by the Russian diplomatic portal, the Scripal case serves as a pretext for launching a campaign aimed at expelling Russia as the host of the Football World Cup. The document drew attention to the fact that the boycott of the sporting event was discussed not only by the British press but also by the Foreign Minister of the country and the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives.
According to the announcement, no decision has yet been made in London that members of the royal family, officials or the English national boycott the World Cup. The Russian diplomatic ministry recalled that he had warned several times before: the Western media will launch a campaign before the World Cup, and this British press is actively involved in anticipation.
Litvinyenko, a former lieutenant of the Federal Security Service (FSZB) in 2006, Perepicsnij businessman in 2012, Berezovsky was a Russian government official and an oligarch died in 2013 in 2013.
Litvinenko’s poisoning with radioactive polonium isotope suspected by two former agents Andrej Lugovojt and Dmitry Kovtunt of the British police. In 2007, in Great Britain, an accusation was made against Lugovoj, who later elected a parliamentary speaker in Russia, who denied his guilt. London demanded the release of Moscow denied.
With regard to the fact that Perepicsnij and Berezovsky died of natural death, doubts were raised by the British authorities. On the Russian side, several times after the outbreak of the latest poisoning scandal, the public had been summoned to a large extent that Scripal, Litvinyenko and Berezovsky were in contact with the British secret service.
It is noteworthy that Lugovoj was present at the live broadcast of the Russian Rosszija 1 television show Theresa May, who, in the show, as well as the Interfax news agency, stated that in the “Szrkripal” case, Britain was acting as “prefabricated patterns” . As he said, the British authorities could not ascertain in such a short time what kind of agent could be used against the former Russian military intelligence and British agent, which means that they did not have the task of establishing the truth.
Vladimir Jabarov, vice president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian legislature, said that Scriptar “did not bother” Moscow and that Russia was “not sure about that incident”.
The former head of the Federal Security Service (NPF), Nikolay Kovaljov, a former leader of the Federal Security Service (FSZB), called it unreasonable for Russia to decide 12 years after Condemnation’s conviction, to decide on the presidency’s presidency to hurt himself. He added that the Russian Foreign Ministry would issue a warning that England would become dangerous to former Russian spies and traitors.
Earlier in the day, President Vladimir Putin, near Krasnodar, questioned the BBC correspondent’s question as to whether Moscow had been involved with the Scripal poisoning, he stated: “You (the matter will be clarified at home), then we will talk about you.”
“This Russian citizen worked for one of the British intelligence services (MI6), the incident was in Great Britain, so this issue does not belong to the Russian Federation and, above all, to the leadership of the Russian Federation”, stressed Thorese May before the announcement of Dmitry Peszkov , the Kremlin spokesman.
The Russian Embassy in London warned before the British Prime Minister’s statement that London’s foreign policy towards Moscow was a “very dangerous game” that could have serious and lasting consequences for both countries. The delegation objected to the “press campaign against the Russians” in the British press and expressed its “unease” as the British Foreign Ministry made a request to the Russian request despite the fact that she has not been informed of the state of health of Script and her daughter or the course of the investigation. London’s suspicions were otherwise diverted to Moscow because May’s words suggested using Novices (New) a new generation of neurons. The BBC’s Russian service, quoting a Russian chemist, currently living in the United States, by a Russian journalist in Moscow in 1992, claimed that Novici was developed in the Soviet Union. Scripte, who was detained in 2004 by the Federal Security Service (FBB), was sentenced to 13 years in prison for treason. In 2010, in exchange of an exchange, Russia handed him over to the United States. The former intelligence officer was still sheltered in Great Britain and settled there.
Source: MTI / Picture: 24.en /

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