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There is so much heat that the pope’s melt has melted Other 

There is so much heat that the pope’s melt has melted

Due to the heat, deformed XXIII. Pope John Paul Bonded His Hand: The wax melted in the hands of the pope, who was promised in 2014 – wrote the Italian daily Correre della Sera.

The Vatican brought the corpse of the former pope into a bottle of sarcophagus from Rome to his birthplace in Sotto il Monté in the Lombardy region of Bergamo. In the nearby Seriata, the sarcophagus was also shown to believers, including prisoners in Bergamo, 200 prisoners.

Due to the high temperature, the thin wax layer on the hand is melted, “said Giulio Della Vite, secretary general of the diocese of Bergamo. The inside of the sarcophagus prevents the body from oxidizing and decaying with argon. From the Seriat to Bergamo, the glass coffin passed through an open vehicle on the human body.

“We did a lot of ice in the coffin, but we did not expect so many people, the car could only slowly pass in the day,” Della Vite emphasized.

The coffin remains until June 10 at the birthplace of the former pope, and his hand is restored to the Vatican.

XXIII. John, born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was the most popular pope of the twentieth century: the opening and renewal of the Church to the world can be associated with his name. The most significant event of its operation is II. The Vatican Council (1962-65) convened. The deliberation – aimed at modernizing the discipline, teaching and organization of the Church – began on October 11, 1962, and the XXIII. After John’s death VI. Paul finished it. The Council was a turning point in the life of the Catholic Church, changing centuries of laws and customs and restoring its credibility to those who predicted the twilight of its historical role. The XXIII. Thanks to John the Pope became the council of opening and ecumenism.

XXIII. Pope John Paul 1962 played a significant role in the peaceful resolution of the Cuban crisis. In 1963 he received the daughter and the widow of Khrushchev Soviet Party Secretary.

Died on June 3, 1963 in Rome. In a crypt at St. Peter’s Basilica’s crypt, during a check, his corpse was found without the signs of decay in January 2001.
According to believers, this is a sign of the deceased’s holiness. XXIII. John the Pope was inaugurated in 2014.

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