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Fundamental Rights Center: It is difficult to tell what the fate of Angela Merkel is European Union 

Fundamental Rights Center: It is difficult to tell what the fate of Angela Merkel is

Péter Törcsi, Director of Research for the Fundamental Rights Center, says it is difficult to say what the fate of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is losing popularity.

The expert on the M1 channel on Thursday morning commented on the fact that the German press defeated the president of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) as the defeat of the party chancellor and the chairman of the CDU and the Bavarian Brotherhood, the Christian Union of Socialists (CSU) (Bundestag).
Péter Törcsi said that the 2015 Cologne New Year is a milestone, but Angela Merkel’s current popularity loss can be dated earlier. The migration crisis has evolved earlier, and many have been opposed by Angel Merkel’s policy of “let everyone be allowed”. At this point, the right-wing Alternative Germany (AfD) was strengthened, which, in East Germany, was already second in the domestic political power, and even in certain measurements, at federal level.
It has been a long time since the CDU-CSU and the German public have a strong division of the migration policy. Angela Merkel’s position, her authority, and now why is the internal opposition against him – said Pete Törcsi. At the same time, he noted that Angela Merkel had the talent to get married in a serious crisis.
According to the research director of the Fundamental Rights Center, Angela Merkel might have withdrawn his cycle. There is a corridor gossip, the theory that if Merkel’s position in Germany becomes unsustainable, he could be the President of the European Commission – added Peter Törcsi.

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