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Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Inárritu receives honorary Oscars in November        Movie 

Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Inárritu receives honorary Oscars in November    

Honorary Oscar Award rewards the US film academy in November for the Oscar-winning Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Inárritut Carne y Arena (Meat and Sand), which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival.

Carne y Arena is about the Central American and Mexican immigrants to the United States through the Sonora desert. In the justification of the Academy of Film, he highlighted the “visionary and entertaining story-telling” of Inárritu’s film.
According to the BBC News article, the last such honorary Oscar for 1996 was the Toy Story.
The virtual reality movie – whose full title is Carne y Arena (Virtually present, physically invisible) – is based on the real stories of migrants. Viewers are wearing virtual reality headsets during the six-and-a-half-minute movie. They are barefoot in the sand alone, while virtual immigrants join them who want to reach rich America by avoiding patrolling border guards.
Inarritu said that while developing the project, many interviewees from Central America and Mexico have been interviewed, and their life history has not let them rest.
He wanted to, “she added,” that the viewer can directly experience, live the fate of immigrants, walk like they do, hide in their skin, feel what’s in their hearts.
John Bailey, President of the American Academy of Films, estimated that Inarritu and his director, Emmanuel Lubezki, “opened new doors in film sensation”. As Carne y Arena Inarritu’s multimedia artwork is, “It is a deeply emotional and physically incisive work that introduces the world of immigrants to the Americas in the early dawn through the desert.”
Inartritu received the Oscar Award for Best Director in 2016 for the film “Returning,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and a year earlier, Birdman won the Oscar for Best Film.
The Mexican director and Lubezki will be awarded the Honorary Oscar Prize at the 9th awards ceremony of the US film academy on November 11.

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