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The maximum retirement age in Slovakia would be laid down in the Constitution Big World 

The maximum retirement age in Slovakia would be laid down in the Constitution

In the constitution, the maximum retirement age in Slovakia would be set and foreseen to be in 65 years, the law on this law will be presented to parliament in June, announced Robert Fico, the most powerful Slovakian ruling party, the leader of the Social Democracy leader, at the Pozsony press conference on Friday.

The retirement age is currently 62 years and about four and a half months in Slovakia. The retirement age is changed annually under the regulations in force, calculated according to a multiplier based on this, taking into account the current average age. Since the introduction of this system a few years ago, the retirement age increases slightly more than two months a year. This system does not include an estimate of how far the retirement age may rise. This mode of changing the retirement age was introduced even in the previous government cycle at the time of Robert Fico’s second cabinet.

By imposing a maximum ceiling on the increase in the retirement age, trade unions in Slovakia first came up last fall. The claim was later formulated as an objective at the Direction in October last year, and the plan has now been cast into a tangible form.

“We can not let people work until their deaths,” said Robert Fico, who left the post of deputy prime minister after the forced departure of the government in March. He said that the 65-year-old age limit in the draft is not yet final, it might be possible to approve a version that would lower the retirement age for women with children.

The constitutional amendment to a three-fifths majority – more than 90 votes – is needed in the 150-seat Slovak Parliament. In the legislature, the government coalition may have 78 seats in its mandate, so it will also need opposition leaders to approve the proposal.

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