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US-British-French military strikes in Syria United Kingdom United States Of America 

US-British-French military strikes in Syria

US President Donald Trump announced in a televised speech Saturday morning at Hungarian time that he had targeted targeted military strikes against Syrian chemical weapons facilities. “There is a coordinated operation with the French and British armed forces,” he said. “So far, this was the biggest military action against the bassar al-Asad regime. Here’s the announcement:

US-British-British strikes have been ordered in response to a Dual Chemical Weapons Attack, which claimed 70 victims last Saturday. This week, Trump first said to Twitter that he was planning a missile attack in response, but then tried to float exactly when the attack would start.

An American official told Reuters that similarly to the American response to a Syrian chemical attack in 2017 this time, Tomahawk has been roaming a number of targets for targets, and it has been confirmed that at least one US warship in the Red Sea was involved in the in action. CNN has been told by other sources that they have been attacking bombers and bombing B1 bombs.

British air strikes were executed by four Tornado fighter bombers, near a homage near a military facility where suspected chemical weapons could be stored.

According to the US official announcement, there was a research center in Damascus, a chemical weapons warehouse close to Hompos, and a control center nearby where chemical weapons-related assets were also stored.

Syrian state television has also announced that explosions have been heard near Damascus. They said that Syrian air defense had taken action against “American, British and French aggression.” Syrian state television claimed that the homelands were able to capture missiles that did not cause damage, but three civilians were injured. “They attacked roughly 30 missiles, a third of them have been removed by air defense, “said one of the officials of the Syrian government to Reuters. According to him, days ago they had evacuated their military bases from precaution, and the Russians had warned them before the attacks.

The US Department of State reported Friday that it has “very reliable” evidence that the chemical weapons attack in the Duma has been carried out by the Syrian government, and that the tests have been positive for chlorine and a sarcastic neuritis. In the wake of the war, Syrian President Bassar al-Assad. In the days, French President Emmanuel Macron also spoke of their evidence that the Syrian regime had thrown chemical weapons against civilians at Duma.

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