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US import duties – Wilbur Ross: Washington does not want a trade war       United States Of America 

US import duties – Wilbur Ross: Washington does not want a trade war    

US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says the United States does not want a trade war.

The United States does not seek a trade war, but wants to “strive for alliances with its allies,” the MD said in an interview to CNBC television, primarily on economic issues, on Wednesday. Wilbur Ross stated that the decision to introduce steel and aluminum is expected to take place after “lengthy consideration”. He added that rising steel prices could be avoided by increased domestic production. The interview was just a day after Gary Cohn, the head of the Economic Committee of the White House, President of Donald Trump’s chief economic advisor, submitted his resignation.
Cohn, a freelance journalist, knows that he is leaving the White House due to his import duties and the controversy with Wilbur Ross. Ross tried to make Cohn’s resignation insignificant in the interview, saying that “it was not a palace revolution.” Gary Cohn has been considering his resignation for a long time, he said.
The Secretary of Commerce argued that if the US president wanted a commercial war, he would not have been flexible with Canada and Mexico. The head of the ministry indicated that on Monday Trump had signaled that if the two countries agreed to renegotiate North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to a new agreement better suited to US interests, then Washington could exempt them from import duties.
Not long after Wilbur Ross’s television interview, the January data on US foreign trade were released, according to which the biggest deficit of $ 56.6 billion was nine years since. Donald Trump reacted immediately to a Twitter message, pointing out that the country’s foreign trade deficit grew at $ 800 billion last year, so the former US presidents have “bad policy and leadership skills” in charge.

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