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American newspaper: Middle Eastern officials have urged Trump to “make a big deal” with Vladimir Putin United States Of America 

American newspaper: Middle Eastern officials have urged Trump to “make a big deal” with Vladimir Putin

Judit Járai, correspondent of MTI means:
Israeli, Saudi Arabian and UAE officials have urged US President Donald Trump to “make a big deal” with Russian President Vladimir Putin – writes the latest issue of The New Yorker.

According to the article, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahajan, shortly before privatization in November 2016 before the US presidential election in November 2016, told an American partner – not named by The New Yorker – that Russian President Vladimir Putin would be interested in Syrian if in exchange for Washington to lift the sanctions against Russia for Ukraine.
The New Yorker’s long article, claiming that he has been silent on existing and current US officials, claims that he was not the only crown patron of Abu Dhabi who advocated the rapprochement between Washington and Moscow. Officials in Israel and Saudi have also argued, albeit in private conversations. “The officials of these three countries have repeatedly encouraged their US counterparts to consider abolishing the sanctions imposed on Russia against Ukraine and, in return, to use Putin’s help to remove Iranian forces from Syria,” helically said. Adds: Syria and Ukraine will be the topic of the US-Russian summit in Helsinki next Monday.
According to The New Yorker, the special committee chaired by Robert Mueller, examining whether members of Donald Trump’s campaign team collided with the Russians, is also investigating whether the United Arab Emirates has promoted contact between Donald Trump’s staff and Russian officials whether it was trying to influence American politics. “Nine days before Trump was introduced, Eric Prince, the founder of Blackwater and Steve Bannon in Seychelles, met a Kirill Dmitriyev, a Emirates resort in a holiday complex owned by Mohamed bin Zájid ál-Nahajan a Russian sovereign investment fund manager, “writes the journalist of the weekly newspaper, referring to the fact that this story was written in April 2017 in The Washington Post.
The Mueller Committee is also examining the meetings of the so-called “temporary team” between President Donald Trump and Presidential Election, which were supposed to have been part of Emirates and Russia officials and then Russia’s then ambassador to Serbia, Sergei Kiszljak.
The New Yorker’s crown prince of Abu Dhabi is called a strategic thinker and realpolitik of the Middle East who has been working for the former US President Barack Obama to bring the United Arab Emirates and Russia closer together in order to persuade him Moscow to curb Iran, mainly in Syria.
Israeli officials also urged Washington and Moscow to come closer after Trump’s election victory. Ron Dermer, Israel’s accredited ambassador to the United States, in private talks, allegedly said it would be helpful to approach Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Syria’s case and in repressing Iranian engagement. After the inauguration of Donald Trump, Ádel al-Dzubeir, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, also urged a formal banquet.

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