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US Elections – The Florida Senate election was also won by the Republican candidate United States Of America 

US Elections – The Florida Senate election was also won by the Republican candidate

Republican Governor Rick Scott has won the Florentine Senate election – they confirmed on Sunday, after handwritten recounts of votes.

One day before, it became known that the Republican candidates in the Florida and Georgian governors were victorious.
Scott was governor of the southernmost state of the United States for two cycles, and according to the laws he could not leave the post for the third time. A Democratic party rival for the Senate mandate was Bill Nelson, who worked for three cycles in the upper house of the Washington legislature.
The first Florida result of the mid-term congressional elections on November 6 showed Scott’s victory, but the slightly underdeveloped Nelson did not recognize his defeat and demanded recounting votes. This Florida law allows for a difference between the two votes cast on the two candidates, which is less than 0.5 per cent.
The results of the rivalry in the Governorship of the Florida Governorship were announced on Saturday: Democratic Party nominee Andrew Gillum, who is currently the mayor of Tallahassee, Florida, admitted defeat to Republican Ron DeSantis. Gillum had acknowledged his defeat on the night of the mid-term elections, but the next day he also called for the re-counting of the winners.
The recalculation process took place under rather stormy conditions. The voters and analysts were mostly observed at Broward and Palm Beach, where the majority of registered voters were democratically elected. Republican politicians in the Broward County election commissioner, Brenda Snipest, were responsible for the turmoil in the counting, and Republican Senator of Marco Rubio in Florida also accused him of removing certain voter tags and not taking any other ballot papers. African-American affiliated and committed democrats, Snipes, interviewed television in the background of racist accusations, but according to press reports, the national and local leaders of the Democrats considered the events to be awkward. Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida – former US President’s brother George W. Bush – called for Snipes to be removed. According to press reports, when the countdown ends, the election commissioner leaves his post.
Likewise, the recalculation also took place in the case of the Georgian governorship, where the final result was also announced on Saturday. The election was won by Republican candidate Brian Kemp. Democratic Party nominee Stacey Abrams, hoping to become the first African-American governor of this southern state, announced that he did not recognize the legitimacy of the new governor, accusing Kemp cheating and undermining democracy in Georgia. On Sunday, in an interview with CNN’s news broadcast, Abrams said: democracy has failed in Georgia after deliberately evolving voters in the past year, and did not hold appropriate training sessions for county election commissioners, and so many places had difficulties in voting.
In an interview with Fox on Friday and Sunday broadcasted on Sunday, President Donald Trump also spoke about the Florida elections. Rick Scott, Senator candidate, said on Friday that he personally called attention to the possibility of a vote being lost before the election.

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