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US elections – US mid-term elections take place without incident United States Of America 

US elections – US mid-term elections take place without incident

On Tuesday, early afternoon hours, there was no remarkable incident in the mid-term congressional elections in the United States.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders reported in a spokesman for President Donald Trump’s family and friends watching the White House
The president has participated in eleven campaign events in eight states during the past six days, and has been campaigning for three rallies in three states on Monday, along with Republican senators and nominees.
He also said at several events that the vote would be a referendum on his presidency. At an event in India he said, “That’s right, you vote on me Tuesday.”
Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee for Democratic presidential elections in 2016, said on a Twitter entry on Tuesday that “in the last two years we have seen that this government is launching an attack on our democratic institutions and our value system.”
The Ministry of Justice announced on Monday: Separate personnel are assigned to electoral process control in 35 districts of 19 states.
Until Tuesday afternoon no reports of incidents were reported, minor and immediately corrected irregularities, or inaccurate mistakes. For instance, in a primary school in one of the smaller settlements in Michigan, the voters arriving early in the morning warned that if they heard shots, do not be scared because at the practice room of the school they organized shooting exercises accidentally for this day.
ABC television from Detroit meant that they were unable to vote in one of the school-equipped polling stations in the morning because of the lack of necessary voting equipment.
It turned out that, due to lack of communication, the machines were kept locked in another wing of the school, because the people responsible for conducting the voting believed that there would be a voyage. The Houston Chronicle also reported the temporary technical problems of voting machines.
The Washington Post reports a shocking report from an elderly lady who screamed last week, exploiting the possibility of early voting in the United States. Gracie Lou Phillips, Texas, voted for the first time. She went to 82 years of age, she was seriously ill, she fell to bed on the day after the vote and has since passed away.
The first partial results are expected at 2 o’clock in Hungarian time.

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