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Andrzej Duda: For the Eastern Partnership countries, the perspective of EU membership should be ensured       European Union 

Andrzej Duda: For the Eastern Partnership countries, the perspective of EU membership should be ensured    

It is not only for Poland, but for the whole European Union to be open to new members, the countries of the Eastern Partnership need to be given the prospect of accession – Polish President Andrzej Duda stressed Wednesday in Warsaw after Georgiev Margvelashvili, Georgia President.

At a joint press conference following the talks, Duda pointed out the European Union (EU) crises, highlighting the British exit (Brexit). “If we were to believe that the EU would shrink after the British withdrawal and would have no prospect of accepting the new Member States, that would be the beginning of the EU’s end,” Duda said.
It is of the opinion that the EU’s enlargement potential is necessary for the survival and development of the community in order to be competitive with the world’s economic powers, the United States, China and Russia.
“Therefore, the EU must remain open, and the prospect of future entry into the Eastern Partnership countries”, Duda emphasized, adding that the EU should “strongly guarantee this perspective”. The Polish head of state has also supported Georgia’s NATO membership aspirations.
The Eastern Partnership is an EU program launched by Poland and Sweden in 2008 to promote the democratization and economic reform of six Eastern European countries. Georgia is also involved, and its head of state, Giorgi Margvelashvili, considered at Warsaw Press Conference that Poland was actively involved in several important formats for Georgia. “We will be very grateful if all EU Member States will speak Poland, but reality is different,” he added.
In this context, he mentioned the Brussels Summit of the Eastern Partnership on 24 November and said that Tbilisi’s objective is to achieve membership of the EU.
The Georgian President also considered the Three Seas Initiative important, given the planned development of infrastructure links between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea. The Three Seas Initiative formally formed in the summer of 2016 aims at coordinating the economic interests of 12 EU Member States of Central and Eastern Europe, including the four Visegrád countries.
Duda called it possible at the press conference that co-operation within the Three Seas Initiative could extend to non-EU countries and one of the ways of EU integration for the Eastern Partnership.
Giorgi Margvelashvili will also meet with Prime Minister Beata Szydlo and Prime Minister of the Lower House and Upper House of Poland, Marek Kuchcinsk and Stefan Karczewski in Warsaw on Wednesday.

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