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In April comes Princess Katalin and Prince William of the Third Child       British Royal Family 

In April comes Princess Katalin and Prince William of the Third Child    

She is awaiting her third child in April for the daughter of Katalin Cambridge prince, Prince William.

The news was announced on Tuesday by a Kensington Palace, a resident of the prince of London, in a one-word Twitter message.
The court had given news of the pregnancy of Katalin Princess in September, but until the announcement of Tuesday she was not aware of when the child was due to arrive.
William, the first child of the future ruler of the United Kingdom and his wife, Prince George in July 2013, her sister, Princess Charlotte, was born in May,
After his father, György himself will become the ruler of the United Kingdom.
Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s grandfather, Prince Charles and his father, Prince William, and his brother and sister, will be ranked fifth in the brut-wrapping order, dropping the current fifth in the sixth place, his own uncle, Harry Prince, .
Vilmos and Katalin’s third child is no longer influenced by the fact that he is born of a boy or a girl, since the reform process launched and completed by the British government on the initiative of the British government has abolished the primacy of royal deceased poets. So if he was the third child boy, he would not go to Charlotte’s sister in the throne.
The third child of the prince of the 91st year II. Queen Elizabeth and her husband, the 96th anniversary of Prince Philip of Edinburgh, who retired from public appearances last month, will be the sixth granddad.
Princess Katalin – just like in the early stages of her two previous pregnancies – has suffered acute pregnancy discomfort this time and has therefore canceled several public programs last month.
During her first pregnancy, the Princess was treated in hospital with these symptoms, and during her second pregnancy she had to resign programs for similarly acute illnesses.
But Katalin is now better off on Monday at a public London charity event, and the Kensington Palace announced Tuesday that the couple will travel to Sweden and Norway on early next year.

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