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There will be a reorganization in the EP after next year’s elections European Union 

There will be a reorganization in the EP after next year’s elections

According to experts, a reorganization can be expected in the European Parliament (EP) next year’s elections, the Socialists may fall and smaller parties may be strengthened.

Zoltan Gálik, associate professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest and Istvan Kovács, the Strategic Director of the Fundamental Rights Center, were asked about the EP elections on the M1 channel on Friday.
Zoltán Kovács said that after the elections, it will be possible to see whether the tendency at the level of the Member States to continue is that many of the electors support protests, anti-immigrant parties, and thus “punish” the traditional big parties.
He added that there is a serious chance that a whole new EP will be able to be seen next year, because the parties in the European Socialist Party are “deployed” in national elections.
He pointed out that the European electoral system is totally proportional – as opposed to the national systems that often favor larger parties – so it is possible to advance parties that have not gained many seats in their country; he mentioned the German AfD as an example.
Zoltán Gálik said: Brexit will release 73 seats, but will reduce the number of EPs from 751 to 705. He said of the rearrangements: the big changes are also expected on the right.
He believes that the European People’s Party will retain its leadership, the Socialists can “fragment”, liberals may be strengthened by the French President’s policy of Emmanuel Macron, the far-right or extremist parties may lose their strength, but a party unit that is more prominent than the Europe of nation-states can emerge.
He also said that the main topics of the election could be the great debate between the supporters of the European federal and nationalist ideas, and the question of migration, asylum policy.

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