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Avramopoulos: The EU is continuing its US visa reciprocity endeavors       European Union Big World 

Avramopoulos: The EU is continuing its US visa reciprocity endeavors    

The European Union will continue to do its utmost to achieve visa-free travel across all EU citizens, following the full visa reciprocal visa regime with Canada – said Dimitris Avramopoulos, European Commissioner for Migration Policy and EU Affairs and Citizenship Citizenship In Brussels on Wednesday.

Mr Avramopoulos underlined that full visa reciprocity towards Canada demonstrates that the diplomatic efforts of the European Union and the ongoing dialogue are delivering their results.
“With the five EU Member States (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania), which are not yet entitled to visa exemption, we will follow the same approach with the United States,” said the Commission’s committee.
As you have said, in the last two and a half years, the number of countries that do not have visa reciprocity has been greatly reduced. Lastly, full reciprocity with Canada was achieved after the country abolished the visa requirement for Romanian and Bulgarian citizens on 1 December.
The Commissioner informed me that over the past seven months, political and technical contact with the United States has intensified in visa exemption. At the moment, however, the committee does not intend to adopt a delegated act provisionally suspending US citizens’ visa waiver, as this would have an opposite effect, but it may review its position in the light of future developments, he said.
In Australia, Brunei and Japan, the possibility of a full visa-free entry for all EU citizens has also been achieved, so the United States remains the only third country on the EU visa-free list, which does not grant visa-free travel to all EU Member States – added Avramopoulos.

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