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Air France is setting up another low-cost airline Business Travel 

Air France is setting up another low-cost airline

Air France’s French airline will create another low-cost airline for European and overseas routes after receiving the contribution of SNLP on Monday, as well as the largest pilot unions.

More than 78 percent of SNLP’s membership supports the project, according to the announcement.
The pilots’ consent was essential for the French company to establish a new internal company.
Jean-Marc Janaillac, Chairman and CEO of Air France, welcomed the pilot’s “responsible attitude” in his statement.
“This agreement is a result of a lengthy negotiation that has led to a balanced compromise for the company and all its employees,” he wrote.
Air France plans to launch the new routes on European routes in autumn, and in the summer of 2018 on the overseas routes, with the aim of keeping its current defect and opening new ones.
Currently, Air France operates two low-cost companies, Hop! And Transavia running on domestic and European routes.
The new low-cost, temporarily boosted, flights will be operated by Air France pilots, with unchanged working conditions and remuneration. Air carriers will, however, look less than those on Air France flights and will be contracted separately, just like ground-handling staff.
Boost will currently operate 18 airplanes in Europe and 10 in overseas routes.

Source: MTI / Image: Wikimedia Commons /

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