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Alcohol has “no safe consumption” Useful 

Alcohol has “no safe consumption”

There is no amount of alcohol that can be consumed safely – the BBC’s news portal reported on the results of a worldwide research.

The authors of the study, published in the Lancet British Medical Weekly, acknowledged that moderate consumption might protect against heart disease, but this benefit is not as important as the risk of cancer and other illnesses.
The Global Burden of Disease study examined the relationship between alcohol consumption and health in 1956 in 195 countries.
The researchers analyzed the data of 15 to 95-year-olds. They compared the health of non-drinkers to those who consumed an alcoholic drink a day.
It has been found that 914 out of a thousand abstinents have alcohol-related illnesses, including cancer.
Those who consumed an alcoholic beverage a day, four of whom have been ill with more than a 0.5 percent rise, which is 63 percent a day, a 7 percent increase.
Sixty-five per cent of the drinkers drinking five drinks a day, or 338, were more likely to drink alcohol.
“Earlier studies have found the protective effect of alcohol on certain diseases, but alcohol-related health risks are already rising to the lowest levels.” Although the risk of daily drinking is small but rising steadily with ever-increasing amounts, “said Max Griswold, A member of the Institute of Health Measurement and Evaluation (IHME) of the University of Washington.
According to Sonia Saxena, one of the authors of this study, their research has been the most important work on the subject since it has analyzed data from 694 sources that contained data on both individual and population drinking patterns and 592 studies on the risks of alcohol consumption.
Their estimates are more accurate than before, because – apart from declassified individual data – account was taken of alcohol sales, homemaking, and smuggling.
According to the study, Ukraine’s top ten-most top-ranking women drink more than four units a day, but Hungary is not among the top ten, but it is ranked tenth among men. This list is headed by Romania, where you consume more than eight drinks a day.
One unit is ten grams of alcohol, which is in a small glass of wine, a box of beer or a small amount of short drink.
Three people in the world drink alcohol on the basis of estimates. Nearly half of the deaths in the 15-49 age group are related to alcohol.
The study was not attended by Professor David Spiegelhalter, Cambridge University, who noted that although there is no “safe” amount of alcohol, this is not a reason why the health government proposes abstinence. Instead, it is recommended that neither men nor women drink more than 14 drinks per week.

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