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The citizen won the audience prize at the EU Film Festival Movie Culture 

The citizen won the audience prize at the EU Film Festival

Vranik Roland’s film The citizen was awarded the audience prize at the European Union Film Festival in Toronto.

Toronto’s Mustang has been exhibited in 28 Canadian metropolises from 28 EU Member States over the past two weeks. Toronto Consulates and Cultural Institutes in Europe each year organize a festival of fresh film production annually in November.
The Toronto national’s screening, which was the Canadian premiere, was also directed by Vranik Roland, screenwriter-director and producer Fehér Károly, the Hungarian National Film Fund informed MTI on Sunday.
The latest film by Vranik Roland, a film maker, Black Brush and Broadcast, is a shocking love story featuring amateur actors, minimalist instruments and humor to the human side of integration into another country.
The citizen has been successful in film festivals worldwide, with the best screenplay from the Fantasy Show in Portugal, the best film drama from the California Cinequest Film Festival. Vranik Roland’s film was recently awarded by the jury of the university students in The Hague, in Várna receiving the Golden Aphrodite prize, and in Saitama the jury’s special prize.
Last week he finished at the 17th Los Angeles Hungarian Film Festival. He was awarded the best female – Ágnes Máhr – and Best Male Performance – Cake-Baly Marcelo Amateur – Award and best film and best director award.
The screenplay of the film fund with the support of Roland Vranik and Szabó Iván (Vespa, Viharsarok) was written jointly by the teacher of SZFE. The citizen was made in the Popfilm production.

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