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The US president is investigating fraud against Michael Cohen United States Of America 

The US president is investigating fraud against Michael Cohen

US President Donald Trump is investigating a $ 20 million fraud against Michael Cohen, according to The New York Times.

According to Sunday’s announcements, investigators are focusing on a $ 20 million loan deal: Cohen has asked two of his own and his own family of taxis from two banks and the investigators suspected of giving false financial data to banks to get the loan. The tests are aimed at whether Cohen has committed bank and tax evasion. In addition, the investigation also points out that by paying $ 130,000 in transfer to Stormy Daniels porn actress, Cohen violated campaign finance laws. Stormy Daniels is the woman who was allegedly a night-time adventurer with Donald Trump, and during the 2016 presidential campaign, Cohen gave him $ 130,000 in exchange for silence.
None of the banks involved in the investigation wanted to comment on The New York Times information. According to the paper, the investigation is in the final stage and may even bring charges against Michael Cohen by the end of August.
Documents relating to fraudulent documents were discovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) when investigations were conducted in April in a lawyer’s office in Manhattan and at home in the investigations of the Special Committee led by Robert Mueller. The Mueller Committee is addressing Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign to investigate possible collusion between co-workers and Russian officials. His inquiries have been filed against Paul Manafort, the first manager of the Trump campaign, due to multiple bank and tax evasion.

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