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The American Congress has agreed to finance the government’s operation     Finance 

The American Congress has agreed to finance the government’s operation  

In the US Congress, the two Democratic and Republican parties agreed on a law Wednesday to fund the federal government’s operation, and if they voted for the package of laws, it will again prevent the downsizing of major government agencies.

Legislators reached an agreement before the Friday deadline, and this time they could vote for the budget of the government until the end of the 2018 fiscal year.

Legislators have announced the 2232-page text of the agreement since the weeks since it was negotiated, which shows that a $ 1300 billion budget has been agreed.

The bill, for example, for $ 1.57 billion for construction at the US-Mexican border, gives the Pentagon a $ 80 billion surplus (Ministry of Defense), envisages more than two billion dollars for various school programs under which law enforcement forces identifying and treating its signs, funding 4.6 billion for the mitigation of the opiate-containing crisis, and the remaining 2.5 billion for childcare subsidies. 380 million have been allocated to protect the cyber security of electoral systems, some federal states may claim a subsidy for obtaining new and safer voting machines, cyber security training, or post-electoral checks.

However, the draft law does not address the destiny of the so-called DACA young people – the younger generations of young people arriving in the United States with their illegal immigrant parents in their childhood.

The law package must be voted Friday until the vote in the House of Representatives and then in the Senate. On Wednesday night, however, the timetable for the voting has not been announced yet.

Speaker Paul Ryan was in the White House in the evening and agreed with President Donald Trump, who provided the package of laws in full support. However, due to the large spending, some ultra-conservative Republican legislators and the failure to settle the situation of illegal young people led some Democratic Party politicians to announce Wednesday night not to vote for the draft. In the Republican-majority congress, Republicans in both houses will need Democrats to accept the law package. Chuck Schumer, the most influential lawmaker of the Democrats, the leader of the Democratic Party of Senate, commended the agreed agreement, underlining that the legislative package “focuses on working people and families.”

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