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The US Air Force has begun renovating its nuclear arsenal United States Of America 

The US Air Force has begun renovating its nuclear arsenal

 According to The New York Times, the US Air Force has begun to revamp its nuclear arsenal by billions.

    On Monday, according to a statement by US President Donald Trump last week on the new Afghanistan and South Asia strategy, the Air Force has made over $ 2 billion in orders for maneuvering jet aircraft and ground launch missiles.
    The Air Force’s aim is to complete renewal of the nuclear arsenal. To this end, he initially agreed on a $ 1.8 billion acquisition of maneuvering jet aircraft equipped with nuclear explosive charges and nearly $ 700 million for the replacement of nearly 40-year-old Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles across the United States.
    The defense ministry signed a contract with Lockheed Martin and Raytheon arms manufacturers and Boeing and Northrop Grummann aircraft manufacturers.
    The final cost of renewing armaments is estimated to be $ 25 billion.
    The New York Times noted that the renewal of the atomic arsenal of the Air Force was already planned by the Obama administration, but – as it would have been too much – it did not finally accomplish. The Trump Government, however, has fully mobilized the modernization of the air force while reviewing the nuclear strategy and the formulation of a possible new strategy is still to be expected.
    The page quoted critics from the program as Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, who believes that new armaments could incite Russians and Chinese to speed up their own arms programs.

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