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Facebook can produce the biggest loss of equity in the US stock market history Other 

Facebook can produce the biggest loss of equity in the US stock market history

Facebook is heading to the biggest one-day loss in value in the history of American securities markets.

Facebook’s share in Thursday’s trading suffered nearly twenty percent of the exchange rate loss. The biggest daily loss was 19.6 percent to $ 174.78. Approximately four hours before the closing, the exchange rate was lower, 18.13 percent loss was $ 178.06. If the nearly 20 percent loss remains to close, $ 124 billion in the history of American securities markets may be the biggest daily loss of value for money. The $ 124 billion so close to nothing is nearly four times the Twitter market capitalization, for example. Facebook analysts have released traffic figures below their quarterly earnings figures. In addition, the social media platform has decreased its active user number. According to a Fox television commentary close to the Republicans, Mark Zuckerberg “lost $ 16 billion in his assets for five minutes” and the reason for the extraordinary loss is likely to be that he has refused to delete the Holocaust denial Facebook entries. According to information from the television, one small shareholder even suggested that Zuckerberget should be promoted from his post as chairman and CEO.
Bloomberg news agency analyst at the same time points out that Wall Street specialists have already signaled the decline of Facebook, which they did not even stop with Thursday’s losses. Brian Wieser’s analyst commented on Bloomberg’s television broadcast, saying that “growth can not be infinite”, and economists who have been in favor of Facebook earlier, said that fact was ignored. Wieser says there are problems with the management of the community platform as well.

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