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In the capital of the United States, Washington, too, has been proclaimed a state of emergency for the upcoming hurricane United States Of America 

In the capital of the United States, Washington, too, has been proclaimed a state of emergency for the upcoming hurricane

Also in the United States capital, Washington, an emergency was announced on Tuesday due to the upcoming hurricane of Florence.

Mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, announced in a Twitter entry that he joins Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, whose governors announced the state of emergency on Monday.
President Donald Trump signed a declaration Tuesday announcing a state of emergency for North and South Carolina. This allowed federal funds and other help to the two southern states. On Twitter, he said, “for many years this is one of the worst storms that strikes the east coast.”
In South Carolina, Tuesday until noon, the eutrophication of coastal areas has been completed, while North Carolina and Virginia’s coastal areas are still under mandatory evacuation. The North Carolina authorities are concerned that Hurricane Florence is expected to be part of a Southport town near a nuclear power plant.
According to experts, the hurricane may be a little silent, but it is expected to be 5th by the time it reaches the coast.
Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia, issued a notice and drew attention to the fact that in the interior of the state “catastrophic floods, strong winds and almost certainly massive power outages are expected”. In some areas up to 50 centimeters of precipitation can fall. On the banks of the Potomac River, virginia’s ancient city of Alexandria has already knee-deep water pouring streets, restaurants and cafés in water.
The US Navy has run its nearly 30 warships on the open ocean in Virginia.
On Tuesday, early afternoon hours, Phil Murphy, New Jersey Governor, also held a press conference. As you said, they are preparing for this hurricane in the state.
Jeff Byard, a Federal Officer Emergency Response Office (FEMA), has also commented on several American television stations. “This storm will cause tremendous damage to the country, and it will take a long time for rebuilding,” he said. He also signaled that far-flung neighborhoods, such as West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and even Ohio, would be affected by far-off coastal areas, including those in the country.
Meanwhile, Hawaii is approaching a tropical storm named Olivia, which is projected to hit the Big Island coast of Hawaii on Wednesday. Public institutions, national parks and schools are closed from Tuesday. The tropical storm will meteorologists say 38-44 centimeters of rainfall.

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