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The history of mankind has come from God and comes to him       Culture 

The history of mankind has come from God and comes to him    

Easter places the history of mankind in a true context and has made us realize that we are a part of a great plan that is from God and comes to God. This was the talk of Péter Erdő, the eponymous vigil of the Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, Primate, on Saturday evening in Budapest.

In the St Stephen’s Basilica, the Cardinal stressed that “the light of Christ obliges us”, the joyful message must be “shared” with everyone.
Christianity is not just a “lifestyle” but a mission. “Only if we manifestly express our faith can we expect Christianity to take the world seriously,” said Peter Erdő.
He added, “The world needs Christ, and we must be Christians, because we belong to Christ.” In order to “manifest him in a clear and faithful way,” Christ gives power, “who is now with us all day to the end of the world.”
Péter Erdő recalled: at the dawn of the Easter, women who came to the grave of Jesus wanted to care for the worthy burial of their “dear dead”. This was not just a burden on the tombs, the cost of the scents, but also the fact that they had to commemorate a public executor for just two days.
For their courage and faithful love, “the angel’s white dress and resurrection are a joy to the answer”.
According to the chief pastor, “Easter reflects on us”. Shows what’s really important. At the same time, a resource is the feast of resurrection, it helps to “walk away and fall together in the center of our lives and the universe, toward the victorious Christ of death.”
In the celebration of the liturgy, Péter Erdő baptized adults and enjoyed the sacrament of salvation, and the present believers renewed their baptismal baptisms.
In Trnava, the ceremony of the evening vigil begins with the most important celebration of the Catholic Church, the Easter, which proclaims the greatest joy of Christendom: Jesus rose from the dead, and he redeemed all men from their sins and invoked everyone to eternal life.

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