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The remains of the oldest known predecessor of mammals have occurred in England         Interesting Facts United Kingdom 

The remains of the oldest known predecessor of mammals have occurred in England      

The remains of the oldest known predecessor of most of the living mammals today were found in the rocky cliffs of Dorset, South Wales, “wrote the BBC’s news portal.

Scientists who identify quacklike, extinct creatures say these are the oldest fossils, which are arguably the remnants of mammals that belong to the family tree. Age was estimated at 145 million years.
The ancient mammals were small, hairy animals, probably living a night life. One might have lived underground and insects eaten, and could feed on larger plants at the University of Portsmouth scientists who analyzed fossils.
Fertilized teeth are an advanced tooth which can tear or crush the food.
“The teeth seem to be too old, suggesting that their owners lived a long life,” said Steve Sweetman, one of the researchers.
The fossils were discovered by a Grant Smith student who collected samples of rock samples collected from his diploma work in the Durlston Bay near the Swanage, at the World Heritage Site at the Jurassic Coast, when he was aware of the teeth he had never seen before.
“The Jurassic Coast has surprises for us over and over again. I believe the line of discoveries is not over,” said Professor Dave Martill, project leader.
One of the two discovered species was the Durlstotherium newman named after Charlie Newman, who is an enthusiastic genius hunter near the locals.
The other species was called Durlstodon first by Paul Ensom from a local paleontologist.
The results were published by Acta Paleontologica Polonica.
Recently, in China, fossils are fossilized

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