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The EP has decided to reduce seats Brexit 

The EP has decided to reduce seats

The number of European Parliament members decreases from 751 to 705 after the United Kingdom takes over from the European Union – decided at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday, the number of mandates in Hungary will not change.

According to the information provided by the European Parliament, the decision taken by 566 votes in favor and 94 against and 31 abstentions will leave 46 out of 73 out of 73 seats left behind by Brexit, part or all of which will be split between the new acceding countries. The remaining 27 Members of the British delegation are split between the 14 Member States with disproportionately few representatives.
In order to compensate for inequalities, France and Spain will have 5-5, Italy and the Netherlands 3-3, Ireland 2, and Poland, Romania, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Croatia, Finland and Estonia. The number of mandates of the other EU Member States will not change, Hungary will have 21 seats in the European Parliament after the EP elections due in May 2019
The text stresses that the new distribution will only take effect if the United Kingdom leaves the EU. By the way, until the end of the Brexit process, the parliament continues to work with the current staff.
The new composition of the European Parliament must still be approved by the European Council meeting in Brussels on 28-29 June.
According to the Treaty on European Union, the size of the European Parliament should not exceed the number of 750 plus plus seats, but the representation should be proportionally diminished. This means that the allocation of seats in Parliament must reflect the demographic trends in the Member States. The minimum number of Member States per Member State is six, and no Member State can have more than 96 representatives.
EU citizens decide every five years to represent them in the European Parliament, the only directly elected institution in the EU. The next election of Members of the European Parliament is expected to take place between 23 and 26 May 2019. The choice is made between the dates set by the Council with the consent of the Member States of the European Union, but each country has the freedom to decide on which day. The date of the election of the Hungarian MEPs is determined by the President of the Republic within the specified timeframe. Because according to the law, only Sunday can be elected in Hungary, so may be the Hungarian election on 26 May of next year.
Members of the EP have been directly elected since 1979. Before the 2014 EP elections, the European parties first announced their so-called “top prize”, that is to say, that a party with the highest number of mandates could be nominated for the same year, in the autumn of office as the next president of the European Commission. The European Council proposes that the Chairman of the Committee be elected by the European Union under the EU Treaty, but the EP as a whole should be appointed by the European Council of Heads of State or Government following the approval of the EP.

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