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The EP supports the tightening of Schengen external border controls        European Union 

The EP supports the tightening of Schengen external border controls     

At its plenary session in Strasbourg, the European Parliament voted Wednesday to set up an electronic system for tightening and speeding up Schengen’s external border control and to register everyone coming from outside the European Union, said the EU Parliament’s press service.

According to the information, the new entry and exit system (EES) to support the fight against terrorism and the fight against illegal immigration will set the names, fingerprints, facsimile, place and time of entry for non-EU citizens. This data will be recorded on both the visa-free and non-visa-accessible passengers at entry, exit and refusal of entry.
As you have said, the system will make it easier for you to check that your entry has not exceeded your stay.
Regular stamping and checking of passports is made faster by the system, and false documents and overlays will also be easier to filter out. The data will normally be kept for three years, for five years for overtime. Data stored in the system can also be used to prevent, detect and detect crimes and terrorist acts by sharing information between Member States. This information is also accessible to national border guard and visa issuing bodies and Europol, an organization coordinating police cooperation in the EU. The asylum authorities in the Member States do not have access to the database – they added.
Data collected in the new registration system at the external border crossing points can be used to control illegal entry and retirement.
The system, in which Bulgaria and Romania are also participating, can be used by Member States other than Schengen cooperation countries where the so-called Schengen evaluation has been completed or passive participants in the European Visa Information System.
Kinga Gál, a member of the Fidesz-KDNP MEP in his statement to MTI, said that the current as well as the on-going asylum system is driving the smell of human smugglers. He believes that an effective system should be developed that allows the separation of illegal economic immigrants from the right to refugee status even outside the borders of the Union. This is the only way to account for the business model and growing influence of smuggling people increasingly profiting from the migration crisis – added the MEP.
Péter Niedermüller, EP Representative for the Democratic Coalition, stressed that smuggling can not be stopped without even more deterrent border protection or unjustified accusations of NGOs assisting refugees.
“We should finally understand that we will not be able to solve the current situation by closing the borders, the more stringent controls,” he said. Any delay, any delay, drives the water to smugglers. Nobody can escape the joint responsibility without any consequences, “the MEP added.

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