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The Commission proposal for Northern Ireland is threatening the unity of the United Kingdom     United Kingdom 

The Commission proposal for Northern Ireland is threatening the unity of the United Kingdom  

Prime Minister Theresa May said that the draft law presented by the European Commission on Wednesday’s EU membership conditionality would threaten the United Kingdom’s constitutional integrity as it would put Northern Ireland under a separate regulatory regime.

According to the draft presented by Michel Barnier, the European Commission’s Brexit chief negotiator at a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday, states that a “common regulatory area” on the island of Ireland should be established, if no agreement is reached, so that Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland can also ensure the unrestricted border traffic after the end of UK membership.
Theresa May in the London House of Commons, on Wednesday, said that if the Commission proposal were to be implemented in its present form, the United Kingdom would end its own internal market and endanger the constitutional unity of the country because the Irish Sea – and the rest of the United Kingdom.
“There is no British prime minister who would ever agree to such a thing,” Theresa May said in a Wednesday parliamentary vote.
The British Prime Minister added that he would “bring crystal clear” to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission and others, that the British government would never accept such a solution.
Shortly after Theresa May’s statement, David Lidington, the cabinet chief in his capacity as deputy May, in response to an urgent opposition question, also said in the lower house that London would never adopt a solution that would compromise the economic or constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom .
Lidington added that the British government will not even agree to establish a “hard” physical border control system between Northern Ireland and Ireland.
London and the European Union, the issue of future border control between Ireland and Northern Ireland is one of the most controversial issues, in particular that the United Kingdom wants to move away from the single European internal market and customs union, but Ireland remaining in the EU will also be a member of these two main integration organizations.
The borders of Northern Ireland and Ireland will be the only land border of the UK and the European Union after the end of British membership. There is currently no control at this border.
Michel Barnier, however, has already stated at the beginning of this month before the draft legal draft of the exit conditionality, that the exit agreement will stipulate that the regulatory elements of a single EU market should remain fully applicable to Northern Ireland, otherwise it is not possible to avoid physical restitution of border control between Ireland and Northern Ireland.
London resolutely declines this solution from the outset on the grounds that in this case, there may be a customs border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said on BBC radio, said that the issue of border control between Northern Ireland and Ireland could be technically as easy to solve as it was solved at the borderline of the London city center’s landing obligation to check whether drivers have paid for the prize.
Motorists driving private cars in the inner city districts of the British capital will have to pay £ 11.50 per week (more than four thousand forints), but the fee is paid by a fully automated license plate camera system, no other physical control system at the border of the payment zone.

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