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The EU dictates Brexity          Brexit United Kingdom 

The EU dictates Brexity       

For the time being, the EU dictates Brexity; a recently published UK government document seems to be coming back from London, “said István Kiss, researcher at Századvég, on Radio Kossuth’s 180-minute program on Friday morning.

The document, which has not yet been decided, states that the English would accept the transposition of the EU legislation that had just been introduced in the transitional period. At the same time, EU citizens could come to Britain to close the transition period after March 2019, only their rights could be slightly different, presumably in social terms, “the expert said.
He said Brussels would say that if Britain wants to continue to have access to the European common market, then the EU’s four freedoms – the free movement of goods, capital, services and individuals – can not hinder it even after leaving.
Some British MPs call for the so-called “hard brexity”, urging the exit as quickly as possible, and the EU has no interest in delaying the transitional period, said István Kiss.

Source: MTI

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