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Four newer satellites of the EU navigation system were set up       Tech 

Four newer satellites of the EU navigation system were set up    

The four satellites of the European Union’s own satellite navigation system (Galileo) have been added and successfully added, the number of which has increased by a factor of twenty-two, European Space Agency (ESA) announced on Tuesday.

According to the information, satellites were fired from a space station in Kourou, France, in Guyana, using an Ariane-5 launcher.
The first fourteen satellites were powered by a pair of two satellites, using a Soyuz-type Russian launcher, replaced by a European-made Ariane-5 capable of carrying a much larger payload.
Galileo initiated its initial services to public administrations, businesses and the public last year after the initial long delays.
In the coming years new satellites will be set up for ESA, and consequently the global availability of the navigation system will gradually improve. The system of 30 satellites is planned to operate at full capacity by 2020.
The freely available European navigation system will provide one-meter accurate positioning as planned and its encrypted military service of one centimeter.
The Galileo program was launched by the EU and the European Space Agency in the mid-1990s with a view to unlocking Europe from the US GPS system, which freely available services could be blocked by the operator in the event of an international conflict.

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