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EU Member States to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from new cars by 35% by 2030 as a compromise solution European Union 

EU Member States to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from new cars by 35% by 2030 as a compromise solution

After a lengthy dispute, a compromise was reached on Tuesday’s meeting of EU environmental ministers responsible for environmental protection, according to which by 2030 the carbon dioxide emissions of new cars should be reduced by 35 percent compared to the values foreseen for 2021, but there are certain exceptions.

In the negotiations overnight, the participants finally reached an agreement on the basis of which the Council of Member States’ councils could start interinstitutional consultations on Wednesday with the European Parliament, which is the other EU co-legislator, with a 40% reduction in the flag.
The dispute was rather difficult, and Germany and several Eastern countries have long insisted on the 30% target initially proposed by the European Commission, which some, for example France, wanted to raise to 40%.
a compromise put forward by the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council Twenty countries voted in favor, four against, and four abstained.
Precise details have not been disclosed for the time being, but it is to be noted that somewhat different rules apply to those countries where the market share of zero and low emission vehicles in the passenger cars and vans markets is lower than 60 percent of the EU average.
According to a representative of Germany with a huge automotive industry, a 40 percent cutback would have put jobs at risk and hurt the economy, and Berlins, along with some Eastern countries, managed to create a blocking minority to prevent it.
The Netherlands and Ireland, however, expressed disappointment among others due to their position as insufficiently ambitious negotiating mandate.
Following the meeting in Luxembourg, Miguel Arias Canete, EU Climate Commissioner, welcomed the agreement.
The aim of the proposal is to reduce emissions from road transport in the context of the commitments under which the EU should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by the end of the next decade compared to 1990 levels.
Official figures show that only 0.1 percent of electric cars are in Europe in 2015 and 0.4 percent in hybrids.
In Europe, 400,000 early deaths per year are recorded in the air pollution bill.

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