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Migrants arriving in Europe are behaving in a disrespectful and aggressive manner with women         European Union 

Migrants arriving in Europe are behaving in a disrespectful and aggressive manner with women      

According to the Fidesz Communications Director, it should not be left without saying that millions of “flowing” migrants to Europe are “disrespectfully and aggressively” behaving with women.

Balázs Hidvéghi, in his statement to the MTI on Thursday, responded that Zsolt Semjén had criticized a Wednesday statement by the MSZP and the Co-operation and that at the Strasbourg plenary session of the European Parliament he called on the European Commission to present a binding legislative proposal including a comprehensive EU strategy to ‘protect women and girls from violence’, including sexual harassment and all kinds of sexual abuse.
Balázs Hidvéghi emphasized: Fidesz and KDNP are confessing the culture of respect. “We need to honor our older people and respect women regardless of their age,” he wrote, adding that they condemn everyone who disrespects the elderly and the women.
He stressed that the disrespectful and aggressive behavior of migrants arriving in Europe is reflected in the New Year’s Eve in Cologne in 2015 and in several other crimes. He wrote: “where migrants appear, there is a huge increase in sexual violence against women”. She said that the European Parliament’s resolution on the prevention of sexual harassment adopted by the European Parliament was “very incomplete” if Brussels were to seriously consider the protection of European women, but firstly to stop mass immigration, but instead “implementing the SIDOS plan, and bring violence to Europe “.
Zsolt Semjén, Deputy Prime Minister of the Hungarian Nation, on Wednesday on the question of whether the government plans to launch an awareness campaign on sexual assaults on Hungary, said: “It’s all very nice and kind,” and the government she supports beautiful and kind things, but “they will be dumped when Islamic masses will be here”. He added: “If we want to protect women from violence and want women to live freely … then,” the most important thing is to stop migration and not let the bulk of Islam in the Shadow of Sharia and to live in the threat of women. ”
The MSZP said in a statement Thursday that Fidesz-KDNP does not estimate women, and government parties do not recognize the existence of domestic violence. For more than three years, they have refused to accept the provisions of the Istanbul Convention for the Protection of Women and Children. According to Zsolt Semjén’s statement, the government says that “hundreds of thousands are negligent”, as in Hungary it is estimated that 28 percent of women over the age of 15, ie almost 1 million 300 thousand women, become victims of some form of physical or sexual violence during their lives.
Nóra Hajdu, Vice-President of the Co-ordination, called it outrageous that Zsolt Semjén, deputy prime minister, “tries to distract” the sexual harassment of Hungarians by hacking against refugees. It is time for the Government to incorporate the Istanbul Convention into the Hungarian legal system, so in Hungary, violence against women and domestic violence will be spectacularly reduced – emphasized opposition politician.

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