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The director of the FBI was disappointed with the result of the ministerial investigation United States Of America 

The director of the FBI was disappointed with the result of the ministerial investigation

It was frustrating at a press conference held on Thursday, local time, by Christopher Wray, director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), after the report by the Justice Department of James Comey’s former FBI director about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

Wray said he accepted and respected the report. Employees concerned will be held accountable and new, more stringent regulations will be drafted for contact with the press. When one of the journalists asked for a single word to express their views on what was happening, the FBI Director replied: he was disappointed.
According to the report, last year, Comey had failed to comply with the FBI’s mandate when the controversial correspondence of former Foreign Minister and Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton was publicly spoken, but was politically biased.
The report investigated the investigation of the FBI 2016, Hillary Clinton’s earlier electronic mail, and possible political attachments. The purpose of the FBI investigation was to find out whether or not the cloned mail on the private server of Clinton had been strictly confidential in unauthorized hands.
In the Ministry of Justice and the FBI under the custody of the Ministry, even before the release of the report, but according to analysts, it was related to personal exchanges and layoffs. For example, a deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe was dismissed, who is expected to be prosecuted as well.
The report released by the Chief Justice of the Justice Ministry, Michael Horowitz, states that James Comey has violated the organization’s internal rules by not only informing congressional politicians about the details of the investigation, but also speaking to the public. Comey’s actions were “extraordinary” and “contradicted” the FBI’s policy, “the report said. He added that two senior FBI officials, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, were well blamed for their correspondence, which turned out to be against the then presidential candidate Donald Trump. For example, in a mobile phone message he wrote to Strzok: “Trump will never be president in life, is it true?” By the time Strzok replied, “No, it will not be, we will stop it.”
The report also points out that you yourself often used your private email account when you leaked information.
At the same time, the ministry’s inquiry blames Loretta Lynch, former Justice Minister, for discussing Bill Clinton’s former president, the Democratic presidential candidate’s husband, in the middle of the election campaign at the end of an Arizona airport. Though he does not make a serious criticism of him, he says, with subsequent explanations Lynch confused the public. The former chief executive said later: “They did not talk about Bill Clinton on family matters and not about the election campaign, and not the investigation against Hillary Clinton.
The report is likely to trigger heated political debates. Not long before it was released, Donald Trump told reporters that the report would be a “birthday present” for him. The President celebrated his 72nd birthday on this day – June 14th. Democratic party politicians are expected to argue again that the statements made during the James Comey campaign were Clinton’s opponents and helped Donald Trump’s election.

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