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The nerves may have an aging muscle weakening           Interesting Facts Tech 

The nerves may have an aging muscle weakening        

The decreasing amount of nerves may change the natural aging of the legs muscles according to an international research group.

Scientists have examined 168 people and found that the number of nerves controlling the leg muscles is reduced by about 30 percent to 75 years of age, BBC reported on the findings of a recent study published in the Journal of Physiology.
With aging, your feet will be weaker and lose weight, so ultimately the daily moves – climbing the stairs or getting the chair out of the chair – can also be a problem.
Though it happens with almost everyone, its causes are still unknown.
As a young adult in the human spinal cord, 60-70 thousand nerve drives the muscles of the leg, “said Professor Jamie McPhee of the Metropolitan University of Manchester.
“Based on the results of the research, this changes significantly with age advancing: 30-60 percent less in the nerve age. However, muscles need the right signal, nervousness, to contract and move,” McPhee explained.
The researcher worked with scientists at the University of Waterloo, Canada and the University of Manchester, made detailed MRI scans of muscle tissue, recorded the electrical activity of the muscles to estimate the number and size of the remaining nerves.
Healthy muscles are capable of a kind of defense: the nerves that remain are creating new strands for the sake of rescuing muscles from falling.
It is more likely that people with more advanced, larger muscle bodybuilding have this defense – added McPhee.

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