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The head of the IMF may replace Juncker in Brussels        European Union 

The head of the IMF may replace Juncker in Brussels     

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, may follow Jean-Claude Juncker in 2019 as chair of the European Commission in Brussels, according to the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

After Jean-Claude Juncker announced that after the 2014-2019 cycle he will not take over the European Commission (EB) leadership, the European People’s Party, which joins the EU’s right-wing parties, is urgently looking for a successor to Juncker’s replacement, Mr Welt am Sonntag .
Several leaders of the party are in favor of Christine Lagarde. The politician who has been leading the IMF since 2011 “is charismatic, experienced and well-versed, so it’s a very good choice,” they say in the upper circles of the European People’s Party.
Christine Lagarde’s CEO of the IMF is up to 2021, but most of his predecessors have assumed office before the end of his mandate, so this can not be an obstacle to taking over the leadership of the EB. French politician, who is famous for his elegance, is in good contact with the most influential leader of Germany, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, but his nomination to the head of the Brussels Commission will depend mainly on whether to win Emmanuel Macron’s support of French President.
On the basis of this job, it is certain that, after 2014, the 2019 European Parliament (EP) election will be won by the European People’s Party, thereby gaining the right to nominate a candidate for the Presidency of the EB. As head of the committee, in addition to the party-led member states, it can also win support from a number of governments that have liberal parties, and in the campaign for the European elections, “can envy” female voters, according to Welt am Sonntag.

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