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The “soldier” of the Islamic State was the perpetrator of the assassination in Brussels European Union 

The “soldier” of the Islamic State was the perpetrator of the assassination in Brussels

The “soldier” of the Islamic State was the executor of the Brussels delayed attack on Friday, the jihadist terrorist organization said through his Aamak news agency.

    The assassin is a Belgian 30-year-old, Somali descent, who has been a Belgian citizen since 2015 and was on the fringes of Brussels in the center of Brussels with a knife on three patrolling soldiers back while shouting “Allah Akbar!”. The man was shot down by the soldiers – the attacker was shot for two – after being transported to the hospital, he died in his wounds. The members of the army only suffered lighter injuries and were injured in the attack on their faces and hands. Nobody else had hurt her.
    The terrorist organization, the Islamic State, claimed that the attack was a response from US-led coalition forces in Syria and Iraq.
    According to the Belgian Chief Prosecutor’s Office, a gunman named after Bruges, located about 100 kilometers northwest of Brussels, found a firearm replica and two copies of the sacred book of the Muslim religion from the Koran. He stressed that the soldiers were right when they opened fire on the attacker.
    The case has been declared a terrorist attack and has been investigated with suspicion of “attempted terrorist murders”. The authorities searched the perpetrator’s apartment, but did not provide any further information.
    Renaat Landuy, Mayor of Bruges, said the perpetrator had not been in his residence for four months.
    His radicalization did not seem to be a sign, but he had been particularly behaved in the past, which was explained by psychological problems. Although he did not appear in the list of authorities in the context of terrorism, he was known to the authorities since he was arrested by police in Eeklo, Belgium, in the Flemish Northeast region of Belgium, following their “vandalism”.
    In Belgium, a high-level terrorist attack of 32 people that killed 32 people since March 22, 2016 has been in force, which means that there is a potential, probable and probable risk of terrorist attack. Since then, soldiers and more police have been involved in the streets, protecting public buildings and major events.
    The Friday incident took place in a district of the Belgian capital where many bars and restaurants are located, not far from the historic Grand Place, one of the main tourist attractions.
    The Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday announced in a separate statement that, in accordance with the regulations, an investigation into the use of weapons was conducted in the case of a suspected shooter. The prosecution, however, added that the soldier used his weapon of legitimate self-defense after being attacked by the attacker with his knife.
    Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, in his Twitter message, assured the soldiers. He added: Belgian security forces will continue to be alert and monitor the situation.


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