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Ukrainian party has not received documentary evidence of well-being Ukrainian film director hunger strike in Russian prison European Union 

Ukrainian party has not received documentary evidence of well-being Ukrainian film director hunger strike in Russian prison

The Ukrainian side has not received any documents that would support Moscow’s claim that Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Szencov, who has been hungry for more than five weeks in prison in Russia for more than five weeks, has announced in a Facebook entry by Ljudmila Denyiszova, a Ukrainian human rights Ombudsman on Wednesday.

The delegate has been in Russia for a week now, where Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Porosenko agreed on a phone call: human rights representatives from both countries visit Russian and Russian Ukrainians detained in Ukraine. Last Thursday, Senecov tried to visit the prison in Labitnangi, in the Autonomous District of Jamal-Nyenyec in Northwest Siberia, where he is now in prison, but he has not been allowed to join him and has never met him.
“It raises reasonable concerns about the health status of Oleh Szencov as having hindered me so long as the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Supreme Council (Ukrainian Parliament), as well as the colleagues of the consular offices of Ukraine in meeting her,” he added.
He told him that he met Senecov’s attorney, Gyorgy Dmitro, who travels to Labitnang in the evening and tries to find a protector. He handed it to Porosenko and the deputy parliamentary vice-president of Irina Heraschenko for Sencov. According to the Ombudsman, the lawyer told him that he had seen the filmmaker last two weeks ago. She kept herself well, taking water only, receiving vitamins and glucose solution through infusion. During compulsory nutrition he was not there yet, but since then he has no information about it.
Denyiszova also announced that Tatyana Moszkalkova turned to the Russian Ombudsman for Human Rights, asking him to apply for Putin’s release of Senecov on humanitarian grounds.
Interfax Ukraine reported on Wednesday that Thorbjorn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe met with Moscow on Wednesday in Moscow. After the meeting, he also spoke to reporters as she was about to release Senecov. “If a request for grace is needed, I will be happy to present myself under the European Convention on Human Rights,” said the Secretary-General.
Senecov was detained in May 2014 by a Russian armed offensive in Ukraine on the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine, from where he was taken to Russia. In August 2015, he was sentenced to 20 years in jail in Rostov-na-Donu, southern Russia, on charges of the alleged terrorist organization and the preparation of terrorist attacks. Senecov did not acknowledge his guilt. According to Kiev, he was convicted of guilty charges.
The filmmaker began a hunger strike on 14 May, demanding the release of 64 Ukrainians imprisoned in Russia. You did not ask for your own freedom.

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