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The Ukrainian chief of staff ordered the reinforcement of the protection of all Ukrainian ammunition depots Other 

The Ukrainian chief of staff ordered the reinforcement of the protection of all Ukrainian ammunition depots

Ukrainian Chief of Staff Viktor Muzsenko has ordered Wednesday to confirm the defense of all arms stores in the country after the explosion of the day before the fire at the Hmelnyicki county Icsnya settlement.

According to a study by the Ukrainian investigating authorities, a munitions store near the Russian border was likely to hit a Russian diversion group on Tuesday and crack the bullets.
According to 112 Ukrainian news agency, Stéphane Poltorak, defense minister, said that at the moment of the explosion, a total of 69.5 thousand tons of ammunition were found in the warehouse in northern Ukraine, of which 43,000 tons of usable bullets, 18,000 tons of additional elements, and the rest he was not armed with the army, but was waiting for annihilation.
According to a statement by the Ukrainian Chief of Staff on the field of ammunition at Icsnya, they are fighting the flames without interruption.
According to the morning report of the disaster relief service, more than 12,500 people have been evacuated from the city of Icsnya and from 30 villages around 16 kilometers from the warehouse.
Outside the warehouse, five fires have been fired so far as a result of the impact of projectiles. According to the county administration, the mining of the 16-kilometer radius of the ammunition depot is being carried out.
Emancipated people are accommodated in temporary accommodation in schools, cultural homes and other institutions. They provided them with food and medical and psychological assistance.
According to on-site news, many people return to their homes because they are afraid of their values left in their homes. The police, however, reported that none of the reports of looting proved to be real. The police officers pass through the road checks to those who, with their papers, are living in the settlement they want to get in.
There are still no trains running to Icsnya, and the car traffic has also been diverted. The airspace lock remains above the area.
There is no gas supply in Icsnya and in 11 settlements for security reasons.

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