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Former US President Barack Obama is discussing his own TV series with Netflix       Interesting Facts United States Of America 

Former US President Barack Obama is discussing his own TV series with Netflix    

Barack Obama, former president of the United States, talks about launching his own television series with Netflix Internet Broadcasting Company.

The former president and wife would lead a series of news stories or political shows, according to the New York Times daily news. Although the talks on this issue have not been confirmed by either the Obama couple or the Netflix spokesman, the American press is almost ready to handle the upcoming show.
However, Barack Obama and the former first lady are also discussing with other companies such as Amazon and Apple’s content providers, according to The New York Times. If Netflix, who reaches millions of Internet users, gains the right to make and broadcast a show, analysts believe it will be a significant move between traditional and Internet content providers. Netflix is becoming more and more active in the broadcasting and services industry and is gaining more and more of the traditional music publishing companies. Oscar Gala for the first time won the prize for the first time in the movie category with the documentary Icarus on the Olympic Doping Scandal and is preparing for new, full-length productions. In the meantime, she has won the excellence of film industry such as Shonda Rhimes producer or screenwriter Ryan Murphy.
Netflix has announced earlier this year that it plans to invest $ 8 billion this year, and now it does not only buy show programs and films from other providers, but also plans its own programs and films, extending its production base.
Barack Obama once appeared in Netflix this year: he was a guest of a new political program by David Letterman, a famous resident of CBS Television’s night-time show, a few years ago.

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