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It has been proved that the Russians have shot down the Malaysian passenger Big World 

It has been proved that the Russians have shot down the Malaysian passenger

It is certain that a Russian rocket has found a Malaysian passenger crashed in 2014. This was announced by the international investigative team investigating the case, which examined the available recordings for four years.

The Malaysian airline’s passenger plane crashed in Ukraine in 2014.

In the tragedy, everyone died on board, finding a total of 298 bodies among the wreckage.

So far, it could only be suspected that a fatal shootout was sold by Russian soldiers, but an international investigation team found after four years of investigation that the plane was found by a Russian rocket – BBC News says.

The plane took place from Amherst to Kuala Lumpur and landed near the Russian-Ukrainian border.
Since the terrorist attacks of 11 September, this was the most lethal blast.

An investigation has already stated in 2015 that the plane was fired with a Buk-type missile system but did not clarify whether it came from a Russian or Ukrainian weapon.

Now the group claims that the rocket belonged to a Russian group in Kursk (53 anti-aircraft brigade), who found the plane in the midst of Russian-Ukrainian clashes.

This came to the conclusion of the Panel that all available photos and footage had been examined, proving that a convoy of Russian separatists was transporting the missiles to Kursk.

Russia had previously stated that none of their weapons had been fired on the passenger carrier.

The shooting of the machine further deteriorated Russian-Ukrainian relations at that time, Russian separatists initially did not let anyone near the plane, and allegedly they had sent for 38 victims, which caused more suspicions.

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