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Accused of being injured by an acid-swept Ukrainian civil activist Other 

Accused of being injured by an acid-swept Ukrainian civil activist

Katerina Handzjuk, a Ukrainian civil activist, adviser to the Mayor of Herson, who had been severely burned for more than three months in a Kiev hospital after attacking her concentrated sulfuric acid at her face in front of her home in Herszon, South Ukraine.

In an attack on 31 July, more than 30 percent of the 33-year-old woman’s body suffered burn injuries.
The cruel turmoil triggered a big resonance in Ukraine, while pointing to the fact that the authorities often take the attacks on civilian activists often and are not in a hurry to find the perpetrators.
In the first instance, the police classified the case as a garland, then classified it as a serious assassination attempt and later a socially disturbed and pressured attempt to assassinate it with a peculiar cruelty. The Ukrainian Security Service (SZBU) was only involved in the investigation into the case that Attorney General Jurij Lucenko personally visited Handzuk at the hospital.
On August 20, Sergey Knyazev, the national police chief, announced that five people were detained in suspicion of participating in the attack on the activist, including the attacker and the man who bought the sulfuric acid according to the investigating authorities. According to the police, the group was headed by a 41-year-old Hersonian man who previously served in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine and established a local veteran organization, said UNIAN Ukrainian news agency.
The suspects, however, did not tell who the offender was. Yuri Lucenko, on the eve of early August, disclosed a portion of the SZBU test material on Facebook, which states that there are some “police or state organs” behind the attack on the activist. More specific, however, has not been revealed since then.
Earlier in the Ukrainian press, so much information came out that last fall, Handzjuk accused the Herszon County Police Department’s chief of staff, who then sued her, but the police lost her in court against the activist. However, no information has emerged since then whether or not this case is related to an attack on the activist.
Katerina Handzjuk, on September 26th, recalled the public’s attention through a video shot in her hospital bed that over 40 civil activists in the past year had been attacked with varying degrees of aggression in Ukraine, but no single client was appointed by the authorities.
Prime Minister Volodymyr Hodzman expressed Sunday his Twitter condolences on the death of the activist, stressing that perpetrators should be punished for their actions.

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