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Beluga in the Thames Interesting Facts United Kingdom 

Beluga in the Thames

Beluga, a white dolphin, appeared on Tuesday in the Thames estuary. The scene was immediately taken off by ship’s conservation organizations and sought to protect the cetacean from the extremely strong traffic flowing through London.

The spokesman of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Danny Groves, told the BBC that the beluga discovered in the Thames was “obviously very lost” since its natural habitat is located thousands of miles south east of England, Located in the North Atlantic waters.
The white dolphin has never been seen in the Thames, and three years ago, in the United Kingdom’s marine areas, a copy of these endangered cetaceans appeared.
According to experts, the waters of the river are no problem for the Beluga now published in the Thames, as they live in salty seawater and fresh water.
Tanya Ferry, the BBC’s Environmental Director at the London Port Authority, said the nutrition could be a serious problem, especially because there are quite a lot of plastic waste in the Thames. He added that he hopes that the white dolphin will return to the sea sooner or later, and will not go uphill to London, since the dense navy traffic of the British capital would not be guaranteed, and the sea would mean the natural medium.
Tanya Ferry, however, has firmly asked locals not to try individual rescue actions.
Almost 13 years ago in the Temes they saw whale, but that adventure was sad. A six-meter-long northern bottleneck with a natural habitat in the cold, northern waters of the Atlantic, swam in January 2006 to downtown London.
British Marine Animal Rescue Experts have been trying to save the lost aquatic mammal for two whole days and have managed to capture them, but the whale to the sea retreat has not been worn and left on board the self-propelled barges that carry it.

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